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All the Books Show: Episode 83 – Bound Together

Episode 83. It feels like yesterday we were recording Episode 82. How the weeks go by.

This week, we talk about a bunch of stuff but the main topic is our favorite female authors. Surprising no one, Nic talks a lot about Joyce Carol Oates and I spend most of time singing the praises of K. A. Applegate.

517-lN4VkBLSometimes, I think, I talk too much about Animorphs. But then, I realize, it’s my show. I’ll talk about Animorphs every single day if I want! I didn’t survive the Andalite-Yeerk War for nothing.

Also, they turned into animals. How cool was that?

Again, we talk about a lot more than that, review some books and go over the upcoming releases. But none of that has to do with a girl transforming into a dolphin.

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See you next week, podcats!