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All the Books Show: Episode 91 – A Podcast About Podcasts!

So close to be up to date with these posts. So. Close.

We take a break from the nonstop news of books to talk about podcasts. Mainly, some of our favorites that we would recommend. Really, I should do a solo post about my favorite podcasts, because I love them and I’ve been listening to them longer then you. Also, we only mention three each and I never feel like I can describe anything well on mic.


For reference, the three I mention are The Weekly Planet, The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith and Revolutions. Nic’s are Something About the Beatles, How Did This Get Made? and Spacepod. Tell me some of your favorites! Or don’t! Keep your life a secret if you want! But, those with closed doors will always be investing in new locks. And locks ain’t cheap.

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See you next week, podcats!