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Stupid, stupid customers!!!

Customer service has become me. Working at my two jobs, the library and a clothing store I shall not name (but it’s not a new sea-based military), I’ve heard a lot of dumb questions and comments. I’m just going to share a few I’ve heard this week. I’ve also included some things I wish I could say in response.

Clothing store

What size is a large?

I didn’t see any signs, is this on sale?
Yes, it’s part of our super secret finder’s sale!

The lady up front said I can only buy five flip flops. Can I get six?
Those are different numbers, so why not?

The new Transformers movie wasn’t as good as the others.
As the others?!

Can you point me to the boy’s department?
I can point you to the 1950s where your gender seperation makes sense!


Do you need my library card?
No, just allow us to hook you up to our new mindjacker system.

Where are you’re movies?
Behind you.

Can you take care of my late fees for me?
Yes…for a price!

I don’t remember the novel’s┬átitle or the name of the author. Can you help me find it?
Sure, let’s try looking under ‘books’.

Can you tell me which book comes next in the series?
I could if there were such a thing as the internet.