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All the Books Show: Episode 86 – It’s About Mysteries… Or Is It?!

Working through the episodes and we have an episode where we talk about mysteries but I keep acting like that fact is up in the air, like a mystery. It’s a hilarious bit, maybe my best.

ee542738c49ce188dc261841310171f1Of course, a big reason we did this is because last episode we talked about and to Julia Spencer-Fleming! Do you like mysteries? Do you think they’re fun? Are you like me and hate the tease and just want to know who did what and when?

Honestly, the only mysteries that I enjoy are in my superhero comics and that’s because I know all the players. I can’t get into that when I just meet the characters that very book. Call it a flaw if you want, I call it quirky and adorable.

But I do recommend Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie and I’m excited for the movie.

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See you next week, podcats!