All the Books Show: Episode 98 – Harry Potter and the Podcaster’s Spotlight

Harry Potter turned twenty or hadn’t you heard? He’s so old now and so are you. Once, you were young, reading Harry Potter as a ten year old. Now, you’re thirty and you have to wonder if this what life is about, if Logan wasn’t one of the most poignant films you’ll ever see, if…okay, time to get of this magical train and get to the real topic at hand. Aging wizards.

I tend to be harsh on the whole Harry Potter world. I loved the first and third book when I was a kid but the long wait between installments caused me to drift away. The fandom also annoyed me and I didn’t want to be classified as whatever the millions of them were.

hpsorcstoneAs I’ve gotten older, I’ve also grown annoyed that it seems like the Harry Potter series didn’t really create readers, so much as Harry Potter fans. While in college, and specifically writing classes, it seemed to me that most people loved the books/movies but never ventured far from home. I’d be much happier if it seemed like those that liked Harry Potter let it lead them to different books and life-long reading. Other urban fantasy or what-not. Or just the habit of reading the popular titles would be enough, as long as their holding a book. I’m not a fan of “I only read these books, nothing else.” Maybe it works for some, but I don’t like it.

I think we talked about other stuff this episode, but the majority of it is Harry Potter. We’re joined by super fan Sarah Badger, who is as super fan as they come. Seriously, it’s in her blood. And I’m not being funny. Medical science somehow found a way to transfer Harry Potter lore into her blood stream and now her heart pumps the stuff.

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See you next week, podcats!

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