All the Books Show: Episode 90 – The 90s. Best Decade Ever?

So close to being up to date with these podcast posts, I can taste it. It taste like latent victory and that’s A-Okay in my book!

Now, to answer that very rhetorical question in the title. Yes, they were the best. Power Rangers, Animorphs, Super Nintendo, Jurassic Park, Sugar Ray, ect. So, lets get in our time machine and see what was super cool back then. What was rad.

captainplanet3-thumb-620x459-27478For a refrence point, I was 4-13, during the 90s.

Oh, did you like the 80s? Too bad. They stink. Everyone knows it but they can’t admit it because they invested so much in them. The 90s were where it was at.

Unless life was terrible for you in the 90s. That would affect your feelings, yeah.

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See you next week, podcats!

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