All Hallow’s Read – An Introduction

Hey! It’s Halloween! The best holiday?

Here’s the thing I love about Halloween; it’s the only holiday, besides Christmas, that gets the whole month! Think about it, as soon as Thanksgiving is over, we’re celebrating Christmas, even a few days after until New Years. No other holiday gets to do that. Not, Valentine’s Day, not Independence Day, not Thanksgiving or Easter. But Halloween, as soon as the leaves turn orange, it’s time.

And it’s such a unique holiday. We have multiple memorial holidays, multiple religious holiday, that one day we celebrate a guy who found a discovered country and destroyed it’s indigenous population. But Halloween isn’t any of those things. It’s just a day (month) when we celebrate spooky things and have fun letting a little chaos into our lives. And candy! Sweet, sweet candy!

I like getting the most out of my Halloween time too. It’s too unique to let is pass. My book pile becomes horror/spooky themed in it’s nature, I have my selected classic films I like to watch, I try to play a game or two that gets me in the mood for the season. It’s a fun time!

This year I’m going along with some great people and we’re blogging our celebrations!

First we have Smallville Chronicle with Nic Gunning, a long-time friend, co-worker and all-around fun time!

Then we have Sallylife’s Blog by Sally Murphy, another long-time friend, artist and all-around fun time!

And then there’s Musings From a Music Box by Kendra Mikols, my lovely wife, singer and all-around fun time!

And here! So, if you’re wondering how other people spend this great month of October and their All Hallow’s Eve, check these blogs out!

*Mic-carved pumpkin drop*

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