A Mumford & Sons Template

I love the band but it dawned on me today that most of their songs follow a specific format. Maybe you disagree with me, maybe I had too much Coke. Here’s what I came up with.

The quiet part
(You should turn this up, bro. I can’t hear anything)

The words. Most likely the will include the following;
Heart, You, Find, Dark, F**k, Won’t

The Loud Part
(Turn it down, bro. I can’t hear over the music)

The Instrumental Part
(Strings and Brass)

The part where they go

The end
(That’s a dope song, bro)

The part where you ask you’re friend to stop calling you bro all the time. Seriously, what’s with him lately? Ever since his girlfriend left him for a job overseas he’s been totally annoying. He either needs to meet someone else or buy an X-Box.

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