Movie Reviews Update

So, since I’m super late on reviewing certain movies, I’m going to do a bunch of compressed pieces.

I won’t say I’m disappointed by the movie but it wasn’t as mindblowing as the director’s first film, District 9. In all fairness, that movie would be hard to top and Elysium doesn’t make it. It’s much more straight forward and easy to read film, with a more blatant message than 9’s racism and social-political attacks. There’s some cool moments, but most of the emotion comes from loud, swelling music and lens flared shots. It’s still a fun, science fiction action movie, but it’s not the greatest out there. I’d rather another Prometheus movie.

Cloud With a Chance of Meatballs 2:
Now, this movie was disappointing. Considering how smart, funny and original the first film was, this sequel is by-the-numbers and only funny once or twice. While the first movie could be enjoyed by everyone, this one is for kids only, even featuring a pop song in the “lets all work together” montage. The villain was not fun and stopped the movie whenever he was there. I was bored and glad it was over.


Ender’s Game:
This was weird. A lot of times, it followed the book spot on but that was slightly boring since I knew how they played out. The changes weren’t great when made, either. The movie was well made and well acted, but it never quite reached the levels of the book. For one, it had a great design for the Battle Room, and those scenes were great, but they only did two games. I would think that they’d have focused more on that, since that was such a big sell, but they didn’t focus on it enough. They also did a lot with the video game Ender plays alone, which I think could have been less of a focus. With what they took away or added, I would have thought they’d pay some attention to Ender’s sister and brother, but no go. They’re both written thinly and only appear to be the devil and angel for one particular scene each.While I wanted this to be a compressed review, I do have to complain about the ending. They gloss over a lot while info dumping like crazy during the last ten minutes. They rob Ender of his real moments, rob the alien force of their intelligence and steal the real hit of the book. Without showing Ender’s true apathy, you steal the most important attribute from the character.So, while the movie was slick, well scored and fun to watch, the ending makes it rough to forgive and I think I’d rather read the book again.

thor the dark world poster

Thor: The Dark World:
Movies I like are easier to review because I have less to say about them in a review. Thor 2 was a movie I had fun at. I think it took a while to get there, mainly until Loki hits the scene, but the whole film was a fun  look at the characters and world. The God Out of Water moments still have plenty of hilarity to dig into, and the romance between Thor and Jane is fun to watch play out. The last battle at the end was great and I love all the bits with the hammer trying to get to Thor. I love superhero films that know how to be fun. I think this franchise has plenty of legs to run on and I really want to see the third happen.  


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