Halloween Reading


I’ve been reading a lot of comic books. Since we moved to Florida, I’ve read over a hundred trade collections. A lot of it has been reading whatever I can get my hands on. There’s been a lot of Batman and Superman, as well as X-Men. I’ve been reading stories I normally wouldn’t have bothered with, simply because they’re there. It’s been a lot of fun, but I think I’ve burnt myself out. When I was in college, I used the interlibrary loan system to order the comics I’d read, but I was usually limited to twelve at a time. I think with so many unread comics before me, I lost control. So, now, I’m going back to reading a smaller amount.

It bothers me that in two months, all I’ve read is comics and no books. So, with my comic flood brought down to a steady stream, I’m getting back to novels. I just read The Illustrated Man  by Ray Bradbury and it was a good entry back. Some friends and I are reading Steven King’s The Shining during the month of October and I’m going to use that as cue for more Halloween themed choices. A Night of Blacker Darkness, Frankenstein and Monster Hunter International are all waiting on my Kindle. It should be fun.

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