Florida: One Month In

Kendra and I are now a month into our new Florida lives. In that short time, a lot has happened.

Kendra found a job working as a music teacher for an elementary school. She’s only a summer out of college and already a full time worker in her career of choice. Color me jealous but proud.

I got a part-time job at a local library, which is great. It puts my foot in the door down here and isn’t the horror that is food service. I’m also interning at the Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies as their social media worker. We’ll see where that leads, but it should be fun.

ImageIt seems like forever ago, but we went to Disney World a few weeks ago. It was my first visit and we spent my birthday in Magic Kingdom. Now, I’m sure it’s a magical place to some, but I the Magic Kingdom was not my cup of tea. Epcot and Hollywood were much more enjoyable and less crowded. We spent a day in each park, ending with Animal Kingdom. It was tiring, but fun and I’m glad I got to finally experience it.

There’s been some time killing on my part. I’ve gotten back into League of Legends, which is a guilty pleasure of mine. I’ve also been trying to knock out the AFI Top 100 Movies list. I also realized I need to watch more Martin Scorsese movies.We’re still looking for a church, having visited three already. A problem I have is that I don’t like churches that do multiple services; whether due to size or worship style. It makes me feel like there’s subdivisions in a community that should be growing as one. A church that has four different services isn’t the kind of family I’m looking for.

There’s been a lot of paper work to get through. Kendra officially changed her name but it’s been a hassle to do that while registering for the elementary school. I got my new license and signed on with the city as an employee. We got an account with a new bank, changed our address and signed up for insurance.

So, at the moment, the current goals are to find an apartment and get a dog. There’s a good amount of animal shelters down here, so finding the right dog shouldn’t be hard, but we haven’t decided when and and what to adopt. Apartments are plentiful, but we want one that lets us have a pet and isn’t too much money. Plus, most down here require a few pay stubs to prove you can pay them.

It’s been busy, but it’s warm and I love the climate. For the most part, I’ve learned my way around the roads here, and have checked out a few local stores. I auditioned for a community theater, which was an attempt to meet new people. What I really need is to find a gaming group. But all things in their own time, I suppose.

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  1. You forgot to mention how great your in-laws are to live with! I’m sure it was just an oversight. ( :

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